Xbox Kinect troubles

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The game Kinect Star Wars is soon to be released. As a preparation I updated my Xbox to the Dashboard 14719.

A feature/bug in the new Dashboard (compared to 14699) seems to be, that in Kinect games one cannot manually select a user profile. The profile must be explicitly recognized with Kinect ID. If Kinect does not recognize you, the game either selects a guest profile or is unable to start (depends on the game: Winter Stars is unable to start, whereas MotionSports Adrenaline uses a guest profile).

So, one must ensure, that the profile is correctly setup with Kinect ID. This can be done in System Settings -> Kinect Settings -> Kinect ID-Setup.

Another annoying thing is, that after a profile login, a popup “Unable to connect to Xbox Live” is displayed. This popup is displayed for offline profiles, when no internet connection is established and even if Xbox Live was disabled in the parental control settings. The only solutions to this problem are to use an Xbox Live enabled profile or to RGH/JTAG your Xbox, install DashLaunch and set signnotice = true in launch.ini.

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