Fedora 17 Upgrade troubles

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After having upgraded all my desktops and VMs to Fedora 17 flawlessly, the only one left was my server. Upgrading the server turned out to be a problem. Anaconda always crashed right after examining the systems drives and requesting the LUKS password. This happened with both the DVD installer and the preupgrade method.

The problem was caused by a modified /etc/fstab. Removing all entries for encrypted filesystems and all custom iso loop-mounts solved the problem.

Preupgrade had some problems of its own. It would not modify the GRUB2 config file /boot/grub2/grub.cfg but instead updated /etc/grub2.cfg which is not used by the system. A simple cp to the correct location allowed preupgrade to boot (but still requiring to manually select Preuprade in the boot menu).

After the upgrade, a common problem is, that the fc16 kernel is booted. To solve this either run grub2-mkconfig or update to the latest kernel version.

Once this is solved another problem occures with the GRUB2 config file. It fails to load three modules and requires the user to press enter to continue booting. This is a major problem for headless servers. Comment out the following lines in your grub.cfg or better yet in /etc/grub.d/00_header to disable these warnings.

#insmod efi_gop
#insmod efi_uga
#insmod ieee1275_fb
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